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Saturday, 26 February 2011

See Me In My Study In The Morning Drake!

    Now I have always been of the opinion that the Prisoner and Patrick McGoohans former character John Drake of Danger Man are one and the same. It seemed logical to me that after McGoohan had resigned from his role as John Drake, that such a secret agent could not be left to roam free. Something had to happen to him. And so John Drake was abducted to the village and given the identity of No.6.
   But it has always been a matter of contention, the identity of the Prisoner-No.6. I noted years ago, that during their deliberations of Once Upon A Time, how someone had heard No.2 say to the Prisoner "See me in my study in the morning Drake." This someone once wrote, is confirmation that the Prisoner is John Drake. The only trouble is, what No.2 actually says is "See me in my study in the morning break," not Drake. A simple case of mishearing I'm afraid.

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