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Sunday, 20 February 2011

What's Leo And Pat Looking at?

And who is the little guy in the dark suit?
No not Mungo Jerry, the other one pretending to be the Prisoner?
It's not Patrick McGoohan's regular, long suffering stunt double Frank Maher. And besides which he's too short to play the Prisoner in close up, perhaps he was used in the long shots - in the distance like. I don't know who this chap is, and I don't know of any other fan of the Prisoner who knows who he is either. But whoever he is, he was also in the cavern back beneath the village!                                                             
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  1. Looks like Alexis Kanner to me. No mystery really. Only a color shot could have made it more obvious.

  2. Ask yourself this, if that is Alexis Kanner, what's he doing dressed in the same style suit of clothes as Patrick McGoohan-the Prisoner? Surely he would be dressed in a black military jacket and top hat. Also is seems that his long side-burns have been shaved off, and his hair's too dark.
    If that's Alexis Kanner, I'm Greta Garbo!

  3. I was assuming Alexis was just along for the ride, much as he was with David Tomblin on the Girl Death episode, when he ended up being the photographer, but on this occasion he said he'd do the standing about while McG did the directing. I wonder where David Tomblin was.... :-D

    Leo McKern doesn't look too nervous next to big Pat does he? I thought he was liable to have angina at the very sight of him..... :-D

  4. To be perfectly honest I'm no great fan of Alexis Kanner. He always claimed to know as much about 'the Prisoner' as Patrick McGoohan did. But couldn't tell the difference between a 'Peacemaker,' and a 'Pacemaker' when he was telling his story about learning to 'quick-draw' for the gunfight scene in 'Living In Harmony.'

    Where was David Tomblin all the time during the production of 'Fall Out'? That's a good question. I've seen many, many production shots of 'Fall Out, ' and David Tomblin doesn't appear in one of them! But he could not have been far away at the time, because Patrick McGoohan gave him a copy of the script for 'Fall Out' to read. And after doing so, David Tomblin said "I thought it might be you in the end," {Meaning No.1}.
    A little research has revealed, that about the same time as 'Fall Out,' David Tomblin was working on a film at MGM with Kenneth Moore called 'The Mercenaries."