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Monday, 14 March 2011

Captains Log

This is the log of No.6's sea voyage during his escape from the village during the episode Many Happy Returns. It is written on the back of an issue of The Tally Ho. It was stated that No.6 spent 25 days at sea, yet this log only goes as far as 18 days. So what happened to the remaining seven days? If he was in a state of collapse for those seven days, No.6 was most fortunate to have survived, when you think what might have happened. His raft could have been over turned. He could have simply died from exposure/hypothermia. And having no 'drift anchor,' to help maintain his course, the raft would have drifted way off course by wind, tide, and currents. No.6 could have been hundreds of miles off course by the time his raft was stopped by those village agents, gunrunners. And that would have happened anyway, when No.6 was asleep during the voyage. You will recall how No.6 said that he slept only four hours out of each twenty-four, which was remarkable in itself. Only while No.6 was asleep for each of those four hours, ask yourself this.........what was steering the raft to maintain course? Be seeing you.


  1. What happened to the book he was reading every day? It must have been a big one to last 18 days. Or maybe he was just a slow reader and that was why he decided to give speed-learning a try later on.

  2. Hello Moor Larkin,
    Just to say that perhaps the book was longer than the film!