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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Many Happy Returns

    No.6 was looking for a way out of the village. He took a Mini-Moke ride, and came to what seems to be the end of the road, as he is confronted by a range of high mountains, which seemed to be completely impassable! But just a minute! Before No.6 was confronted by the range of mountians, there was complete open countryside, No.6 could have driven off in the village taxi that way, and thereby saving himself the ordeal of a lengthy and dangeous sea voyage!
   Originally in the script for Many Happy Returns, No.6 was to have tried to escape the village by helicopter. Taking a battery from the taxi and replacing it for the flat battery of the helicopter. No.6 then tried to fire up the engine of the helicopter, having got the rotor rotating, the engine then coughs and dies......apparently the fuel needle was stuck on full, when in fact the fuel tanks were empty!

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