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Monday, 21 March 2011

Musn't Keep My New Masters Waiting

    So just who were Cobb's new masters? It seems to me that Cobb was abducted and brought to the village, in much the same way as the Prisoner-No.6 himself. When they met on the same ward in the hospital, Cobb told his old colleague that he didn't know how long he'd been there, it could have been weeks or months, or how he came to be there. The last Cobb remembers is that he was in Germany. That he went back to his hotel, that he thinks he went to bed......he was here! And that was the trouble you see, Cobb had met with an old colleague, so his suicide had to be arranged, along with his funeral. So that then, to the Prisoner-No.6, Cobb is dead!
   As for Cobb, the last we see of him is in the Control Room conversing with the new No.2. But he had to be off, because he musn't keep his new masters waiting. Had Cobb been turned by the administration behind the village? Had he gone over to the other side, having defected? No, I doubt somehow that Cobb had defected to behind the Iron Curtain, why? Because Cobb was wearing a black Bowler hat and business suit, carrying a furled umbrella. A man defecting to behind the Iron Curtain would not be dressed so.
   It seems to me that Cobb, being dressed for the City, was on his way back to London, England. so who might Cobb's new masters be now? If there had been a change of government around that time, perhaps that is the answer. Because it seems to me that Cobb is a Civil servant, and no matter what government is 'in' the Civil Service never changes. So a new government would be the new masters to the Civil Service.
   This might only be a theroy, but it is one I heavily subscribe to.
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