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Friday, 25 March 2011

Running To Escape!

     On an evening during Dance of the Dead, No.2 allows No.6 to be out and about the village after Curfew. She told the Observer that it will test their efficiencies. But No.6 is seen testing himself against the village guardian!
   No.6 is down on the beach, a segment of the village guadian is released from the containment area somewhere on the sea bed. It does not attack No.6, who remember is out after curfew. No.6 begins to run, but you cannot simply run away from the village. As No.6 jogs along, the village guardian keeps pace. No.6 then steps up the pace, as does the village guardian - No.6 is testing himself against 'Rover' which runs No.6 into the sand, and eventually leaves him on his knees. It would seem that the test is complete, and No.6 is found to be wanting!
    It would seem that you cannot fight the village guardian, as it offers no reistance. Now it seems that you cannot out run it either!

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