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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Can We Be Sure Of Anything?

    There are those who arrive in the village, who have no idea how they arrived there, or how long they have been in the village. During the Dance of the Dead No.6 told Roland Walter Dutton that he'd arrived in the village quite recently, how long is 'quite recently?' But Dutton told No.6 that it was difficult to say how long it had been since his arrival in the village, "a couple of months." Previously when No.6 met with Cobb on a ward in the hospital in Arrival, Cob was more definate "three or four months." however Cobb did admit that it was difficult to work out.
   So why is it so difficult for those residing in the village to calculate how long they've been there? They could be simply disorientated, lose count of the days when undergoing long interrogation sessions, having been fed a cocktail of drugs. Then there is the isolation of the subject, like No.6 for example, when he was isolated from the village during his reconditioning during the epsiode of The Schizoid Man. When No.6 was taken from his cottage during the night, it was on Feburary 10th. When he finally woke up in his new cottage of '12 Private,' having undergone the complete recondition process to become No.12, the day-date calendar still indicates February 10th, which of course it isn't. Because during that time he was being conditioned into being left-handed, liking Falpjacks as his favourite dish, and smoking black Russian cigarettes, he had grown a beard, and the growning of a beard is in itself is an indication just how long No.6 has been out of circualtion, isolated in the cottage '12 Private.'
   Those who arrive in the village, abducted from their homes, a hotel in Germany, or wherever, they might know the day and date. But once 'they start messing with your head........well if there is one thing we can be sure of with the Prisoner, it is that we can be sure of nothing!    BCNU

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