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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chambers Late Of The Foreign Office

    It was a very important day for the Prisoner, he was getting ready to meet Chambers who was about to become late of the Foreign Office, and the Prisoner was about to try and get Chambers to change his mind before the 'big boys' found out. Either Chambers was about to resign, or defect. So the Prisoner waited and waited, but Chambers never turned up!
   Well he wouldn't, would he? Because he had already been abducted to the Village. A nice guy Chambers, and so talkative! It is a wonder that No.6 never met up with Chambers in the Village, like he did with so many of his old colleagues - Cobb, the Colonel, Fotheringay, and Roland Walter Dutton. And why should we be surprised, after all No.2 did warn the Prisoner that he might even meet people he knew!

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