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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Electrifying The Prisoner

    Have you ever thought how electrifying the Prisoner can be? Well it was Nadia-No.8 who was the first to find that out during her interrogation during The Chimes of Big Ben, when you will recall how the floor of the interogation room had an electrical current running through it every four seconds. This No.8 discovered by sprinkling water on the floor.
   No.6 discovered the power of electricity, when he was electrified to the chair in the Labour Exchange Managers office in Free For All, this to stop No.6 getting out of his chair, as he underwent 'The Test!'
    The Schizoid Man saw No.6 undergoing electrical threapy, this to condition him to be left handed. Yet it was through an electric shock, via a short circuiting table lamp, that saw the reversal of the electrical therapy.
   There was an act of sabotage in The General, the sabotage of the electrical kind, by the hand of No.12 of Administration. And later in this episode, No.6 encountered an electrical force-field along one of the underground corridors of the Town Hall.
    In Dance of the Dead No.6 followed his observer-No.240 to the Town Hall, in fact No.6 tried to follow No.240 into the Town Hall. But he was sudddenly cut short on the steps of the Town Hall, by the unexpected experience of an electrical force-field!
    But electrification can be a deadly thing, as both the Professor and No.12 of Adminstration found out in The General. The Professor was electrocuted to dead trying to save his creation. No.12 tried to save the Professor, but was electrocuted in the attempt, although No.12 might have committed suicide, depending on how you look at it.
    There is the electrification of the clocks, over seen by the retiring No.2 in Its Your Funeral.
     And arcs of electricity abound as Professor Jacob Seltzman in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, not only changes the mind of two subjects, but three!
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