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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Caught On Camera!

  "I say, you're not mister Carmichael are you?"
  "Mister Carmichael?"
  "Yes, the gentleman who brought in his errr....if you'll excuse me Sir, brought in his funny photos for developing."
   "Do I look like mister Carmichael?"
   "Come to think of it Sir, no."
   "Do I look like someone who would indulge in funny photos?
   "No Sir, but it take all kinds!"
   "Look, all I want are my transparencies."
   "Saucy are they Sir?"
   "No, they are pricturesque landscapes."
   "If you say so Sir."
   "I do say."
  Oh, I see Sir. I won't keep you a moment."
   The proprietor of the camera shop goes into the back of the shop, then after a few moments returns with a small box.
    "There you are Sir, your transparences."
    "I need a photogarph taken."
    "Oh I see Sir."
    "You take photographs here presumably?"
   "Oh yes Sir, we've several satisfied customers. If you just go through into the back room, you'll find Annette waiting. She is very experienced in such matters. Perhaps Sir would like the school girl touch, or something continental."
    "I am going on the continent."
    "Well there you are Sir, why didn't you say. Fifi will tend to your every need. Although, Tom, our regular photographer is on his lunch hour."
   "He would be!"
   "I'm not an expreienced photogrpaher myself Sir, but I think I can take some satisfactory studies of yourself with Fifi."
   "Look, I don't want anything like that!"
   "All I want is a passport photograph."
   "Oh I see Sir. Fifi will be disappointed!"

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