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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It Could Be Imprisonment - It Could Be A Fine!

   So No.6 opted for the fine! This during the evening of the village Mardi Gras as students celebrate the joys of Speedlearn. It was an act of sabotage which made both the lights in No.6's cottage go out, No.12 of administration come calling, quickly followed by an electrician. No.6 was blamed for the act of sabotage, the deliberate destruction of official property, a most serious offence. Which could arise in imprisonment, or it could be a fine.
   Well let us pause and consider for a moment. What kind of imprisonment could it be in the village? No.6 was already confined, imprisoned, and the only further prison within a prison would be solitary confinement, house arrest. What hardship would that be? I'd have thought No.6 might have gone for that, after all he does, at variable times, perfer his own company to that of others.
    A fine, well it has been confirmed that creduit units in the village have no value. you will recall how the Prisoner was caught speeding in Once Upon A Time, and when faced with the judge he was fined 20 units. The Prisoner pleaded with the judge that he couldn't pay, to which the Judge replied "Twenty units, nothing!"
   So it was, that the fine was nothing, and even if it wasn't................. So it was, the full punishment which No.12 was foot!  BCNU

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