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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It's Inexplicable!

    At the end of the election of Free For All, the candidate No.6 was proven to have won the election by a landslide majority. Outside the Town Hall the gathered electorate shouted out for No.2 "We want Number two, Number Two, Number Two, Number Two, Number Two." But when the new No.2 appeared on the steps of the Town Hall, the crowd fell silent, some even look upon No.6 with suspicion. And when the out-going No.2 takes the new No.2 to the Green Dome, the good citizens of the Village simply disperse, so to them it's as though there had never been an election! So it makes me wonder why anyone voted for No.6 in the first palce! But they are clever, damned clever. Because 'they' had conditioned almost every citizen to vote for No.6, even though 'they' knew it would count for absolutely nothing in the end. The election period of Free For All seems to have been something of a pointless exercise, but I suppose someone learned something from the experience.

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