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Thursday, 28 April 2011

It's Your Funeral

    By assassinating the retiring No.2, the new No.2 could then oversee an organised purge of the Village, ridding the community of several malcontents, of which No.6 is top of the list. So, would No.6 then be purged from the Village, it seems unlikely. Nothing would be gained by carrying out such a reprisal on the commuity, save for merely removing trouble makers they don't have any further use for. And what would be the point if No.6 was excluded from the purge of malcontents?
   But I suppose a purge of the Village might at some point be necessary, or at least a control put on the number of people brought into the Village. Because seeing as so few people are actually allowed to leave the Village, and if there is a steady incoming of new arrivals, then the Village would eventually out-grow itself, and quickly become a Town!
   Back in the 1990's there was much talk and rumour of a Hollywood remake of the Prisoner, one idea was to have the Village as the City. And when you think about it, the Village of the 2009 series of THEPRISONER, is actually the size of a City!

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