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Saturday, 16 April 2011

John Drake - Another In-Joke?

   So, John Dake doesn't appear in the Prisoner eh! Well this is actor John Drake, seen here as the bowler in the cricket match scene during The Girl Who Was Death. The film location used for the cricket match was at Eltisely in Cambridgeshire. The close-up shots of Patrick McGoohan were done in a field behind a back-lot at MGM studios.
   Interestingly enough Meopham in Kent is also listed as a film location for the cricket match, but that is a fallacy. True, a few frames of film of a cricket match at Meophem were edited into the cricketing scenes for The Girl Who Was Death, but no actual filming was done at Meopham.   BCNU


  1. Nobody has ever identified who played the batsman whose death sparked the whole episode. A little remiss of some one or other, I've always felt.

  2. Hello Moor Larkin,
    Quite right, nowhere that I can find is it documented who the actor is who plays the role of Colonel Hawke-Englishe. So this is now a work in progress for me, and should I be able to discover the actors name, you will be the first to be told. By the by, I was able to discover the actor and actress who played the roles of two interim No.2's in 'It's Your Funeral', who only appeared on the wall screen in No.2's office. They are uncredited in any cast list for 'It's Your Funeral.'