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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mind The Fall Out!

    But there wasn't going to be any fallout was there, well perhaps only from the television viewers in the aftermath of the Prisoner episode Fall Out. You see the rocket launched by No.6 in Fall Out wasn't an ICBM {Intercontinetal Ballistic Missile} carrying a nuclear warhead, it was a rocket meant to carry four people. They being the 'late' No.2, No.48, No.6, and No.1, well there are four 'Orbit Tubes. So the question is, where was the rocket destined for? No.6, when setting the countdown in motion set a switch at 'low orbit,' so that means the rocket would not have got that far into space. In fact I'm not so sure that the single stage rocket would have made it a quarter of the way to the moon, let alone deep space! Perhaps it was destined for a space station which was in an orbit around the Earth, or a larger space ship which orbited the Earth. Other than that, I can only suggest that once having attained a low orbit around the Earth, that orbit would eventually deteriorate, and the rocket would either be burnt up in Earths atmosphere, or crash to the ground, or into Sea or Ocean. Either way those four individuals inside the rocket would have perished.......and that may very well have been the fate of No.1. Unless of course it is an allegorical rocket, and in that case it didn't even exist in the first place!  Be seeing you

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