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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Packed And Ready To Go!

    The Prisoner resigned his job, then returned home to collect two ready packed suit cases, and travel documents. So who was it, who packed those two suitcases? I believe it was his new manservant, the Butler. Towards the end of Fall Out the Prisoner doesn't enter his house, he climbs in behind the wheel of his Lotus 7 and heads off to hand in his letter of resignation to the baldheaded, bespectacled man sat behind his desk. Becasue the ending of Fall Out is the beginning of Arrival making the Prisoner a vicious circle.
    It was the Butler who enters No.1 Buckingham Place, the door opening automatically. Who then buises himself with packing two suit cases for his master, then departing the house for the village before his master returned. As for the Prisoner's written letter resigning his job, when did he write that? Well he had plenty of time during the journey back to London aboard the Scammell Higwayman transporter.
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