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Sunday, 17 April 2011

This Week I Am Mostly Watching

  The episode Anvil, in which Undercovers opperate in small cells with the village, and anyone who does anything from the daily norm becomes suspect. Because everyone is guilty, it's simply a question of working out what they are guilty of!
    Six goes 'undercover' as a school teacher so as to get close to 1955. In the history class questions are asked, like who was the first female No.2? Who oversaw the reformation of the village? And Six asks the question Who is Number One? To which 1,100 replies There is no Number One, there has never been a number One, and there never will be. The creation Two is that of a public servant, and is a reminder that we are all public servants.
    The only problem with having Undercovers in the village, and so many of them, that no-one knows who the Undercovers are. Potentially everyone in the village could be an Undercover, watching everyone else!

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