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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Freedom To Think

    I was in telephonic communication with an old, old friened the other night. He made the comment that the blog articles which I have written over the years on the matter of the Prisoner are interesting, and thought provoking, not to mention entertaining. Furthermore, that I have found fresh angles with which to approach the Prisoner, have formulated new ideas and theories. And that members of Six of One are losing out on such articles.
   It was very good of my friend to pay me such a tribute. Indeed for fifteen years I was very active within the society of Six of One The Prisoner Appreciation Society, and had many letters published in the society's magazine, which were well received by the membership. However, if I had still been writing for Six of One, I have to say that I would have a very limited readership, as the membership of that society today is not what it once was.
    Really, it is since I left Six of One, that I have been able to free my mind. I have found a whole new freedom to think, to develop new ideas and perspectives regarding the Prisoner. I wounder how my blog articles on the 2009 series of THEPRISONER would be received by the membership? That is, if they would be published in the magazine at all. Because I know that many members of Six of One do not have any appreciation for the 2009 series at all, or at least very little!
    Looking back, I find that Six of One was too restrictive. One tailor's one's thoughts and ideas to fit in with that of others. Which is not the thing at all, but done so that one is not ridiculed by others. These days my writings and scribblings have a much wider readership. In fact a world-wide readership, which is very satisfying.  Be seeing you.

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