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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's Your Funeral

    In the daily prognosis report instigated on the order of an interim No.2. No.6 goes to the gymnasium for his semi-weekly Kosho practise. Originally it was for a Judo practise which No.6 was to have undertaken at the gymnasium. Why the change to Kosho? Well that's a little beyond me, because I've never heard anyone of the production crew speak about Kosho, save for the idea of the strange sport being attributed to Patrick McGoohan.
   Further more to Kosho, I find it strange that more is made of Kosho in It's Your Funeral than Hammer Into Anvil. Because we first see Kosho in Hammer Into Anvil after No.14-Basil Hoskin challenges No.6-Patrick McGoohan to a bout of Kosho. And yet the Kosho bout in It's Your Funeral is film of No.14 and No.6 from Hammer Into Anvil!!! It seems strange to me, that more film of the bout of Kosho is used in It's Your Funeral, rather than for the episode which it was blindingly obviously intended for, that of Hammer Into Anvil.    Be seeing you.

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