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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Village Day

Village Day is an Art House film inspired by the Prisoner which I produced in 1998-99. During it's production, we filmed at many original Prisoner locations in London. One such location was in Buckingham Place, Westminster. Having set up the kar, and cameras, I recall how we had completed my walking up Buckingham Place, all the close-up shots, filmed me driving away from No.1 {the Prisoners house} etc. Then we did some long shots, and it was during the filming of these that a surreal moment occurred. A black taxi suddenly came driving along Buckingham Place, and stopped outside No.1. We stopped filming of course, and waited to see what would happen. Of course KAR 120C was still parked outside the house, as the driver got out of the taxi, and went to knock on the door of No.1 Buckingham Place. It was a surreal moment, as we waited to see who it was would be coming out of the house. Because the building was completely empty. It was as though the Prisoner had telephoned for a taxi, but that would be stupid, not with his car parked outside! But sadly no-one emerged from No.1 Buckingham Place, and the taxi driver got back into his taxi and drove off, leaving us watchers on, disappointed.  Be seeing you                                         

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