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Monday, 11 July 2011

It's Your Funeral!

   I cannot remember the exact words of actor Mark Eden who played the role of No.100 in the Prisoner episode It's Your Funeral, but basically during the fight scene in the same episode between 100 and No.6, Patrick McGoohan appeared to have lost it completely! I think the proof of that can be seen in the eyes of McGoohan during the fight. At the start of the fight, McGoohan took Eden over a bench, which almost followed them down the grassy slope, and if it had done, would have done some serious damage to one or the other.
    In fact McGoohan was so far gone, that at one point Mark Eden thought Patrick McGoohan was going to kill him! That's how real the fight scene was.
    As for Mark Eden wearing a pink blazer, well he said he thought it suited him. It is also possible that the Village guardian intervened in this fight scene, possibly towards the end, because at one point No.100, Mark Eden, is suffocated by the Village Guardian. How do I know this? Well the proof can be seen in Arrival when the Village Guardian attacks and suffocates that young man after the order to 'be still' was given by No.2. The victim changes beneath the membrane of Rover. The sunglasses have gone, so too the striped jersey, to be replaced by a pink blazer, and the viewer can see that it's Marke Eden being suffocated in Arrival, an episode which Mark did not appear in, yet it appears that he did, if ever so briefly!
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