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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Collectors Corner

    This 1:43 scale die-cast model of KAR 120C was licensed by Caterham Cars, and is an exact replica of the original car in every detail. Save for the fact that originally KAR 120C was painted black, as the Lotus Car demonstrator. It was on of the desire and intruction of Patrick McGoohan that KAR 120C was resprayed in the livery were are so familiar with. But I digress, this die-cast model is currently on sale on Ebay, the bidding has reached £46 as two didders battle for the car. I myself would have once upon a time have joined the fray, as I used to collect anything and everything I could in merchandise and memorablia to do with the Prisoner, and pay almost any price. But these days I am more conservative and restrained in my collecting.   Be seeing you.

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