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Monday, 12 September 2011

A Question Of Medical Ethics

    There are no medical ethics in the Village, because if there is one place in the Village where you would not wish to turn up as a patient, and that's the hospital. I'm not sure which doctor is worse, or possibly they are on the same par, that of No.40 in Dance of the Dead, and No.22, or is it No.23 of Checkmate. Both would have been delighted in being given the opportunity to find No.6's breaking point. No.40 was all for medical experimentation, just look how far he went with Roland Walter Dutton. And No.23, how she advised No.2 of having a lucotomy to be carried out on No.6, to isolate the aggressive frontal lobes. And that's something even worse, because that attractive doctor, No.86 in A Change of Mind does carry out such lobotomys on patients, and calls it 'Instant Social Conversion.' She has developed a clean way to conduct the operation, instead of putting probes through the corner of the eye, or up into the brain via the nostrals. And No.14 of A B & C is no better, although in No.6's case, she did seem to be pleased that he won, and not No.2.
   For mediocre work, such as simple medicals, the hospital has doctors like the one in Arrival, but even then the doctor, or should that be 'quack,' had to wait for the computer to issue a result of his diagnosis on No.6 in order to pronounce him to be 'absolutley fit.'    Be seeing you

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