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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

You Believe That - You Really Believe That They Would Let Him Go?

    Fall Out

    Would the President, a former No.2 brought back to oversee Court proceedings in the case of three acts of rebellion, really have allowed the Prisoner-No.6 or 'Sir' as he became known, to actually leave the Village? After so much time and effort had been put into bringing the Prisoner to this point in his ordeal. Sir had been given the to opportunity to lead the Village or go, go anywhere, leave them, but not to forget them, keep them in mind! Somehow I very much doubt it, not with all that valuable information inside his head, and now with the added knowledge he has gained about the Village. Don't forget that No.48 and the 'late' No.2 were already snug in their Orbit Tubes, and that there was one vacant, so far unmarked tube, which I'm sure was meant for No.6.
    The offer of ultimate power, to lead the Village? But surely in Fall Out we discover that No.1/No.6 was already leading the Village? But perhaps the President was not aware of this, as no No.2 had ever met No.1 face to face. So for them, No.1 could be.......well anyone!
    No.6 may well have insited a bloody and violent revolution, well okay there wasn't that much blood, but there was violence. It was as though a purge was beinhg carried out, a purge of the Village, in which only armed security guards were killed! No.6 may very well have escaped the Village with his three confederates, but at the end of the day, or rather at the end of the series, No.6 is just a much a Prisoner as he was at the beginning! there is never any escape for the Prisoner. 'They' will never let him go, not as long as he retains the reason behind his resignation. Only through unburdening himself of why he resigned, will the Prisoner become a free man!                 I'll be seeing you.

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