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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Caught On Camera

    It seems to me that during The Chimes of Big Ben that there is a No.6 impersonator about! This is deomonstrated in the following pictures which were taken from routine surveillance film footage of the Village.
As you can see, No.6 is standing at the balustrade of the balcony of the Green Dome, although No.6 hasn't got out of bed yet!
And here No.6 is pictured standing on top of the stone Bandstand looking out over the central area of the Village, yet moments later No.6 is picture leaving the Green Dome, having had a cup of tea with No.2! And finally there is this, a figure, apparently looking like No.6 running along the street.

    Now the enlarged section still is not conclusive, yet it is plain that the figure is dressed as No.6, yet so was the new No.2 in Arrival so again that is no proof of anything. Yet the figure does resemble No.6. However there is another problem, this aerial shot was taken as No.6 is entering his cottage of '6Private' pictured below.
Now I know what you are thinking, what we are seeing is stock film footage, yet the fact that No.6 is in that film footage probably didn't occur to the film editor or McGoohan for that matter. However there is another way of looking at it.......the figure standing at the balustrade of the balcony of the Green Dome, and on top of the stone Bandstand, could be Curtis of The Schizoid Man, out and about the Village when No.6 isn't! Furthermore, the figure could be that of No.1, seen again out and about in the Village when No.6 isn't!
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