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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Therapy Zone

What’s In A Number?

    There have been numerous New No.2's who have taken up office, at least four No.8's in the village of which Nadia was one. Her predecessor having vacated the premises, through either escape or more likely death! And last week No.14 was an old lady in a wheel chair, the doctor-No.14 is new here! So what price No.6's predecessor, which would have made the Prisoner the new No.6 on the day of his arrival in the village. Of course there can never be any same two numbers, as the reporter and his photographic colleague are of living proof  , being as they are No.113 and 113b, and that in turn might make No.113b's twin, the operator of the Tally Ho device, No.113c and the members of the Town council, 2a 2b 2c 2d 2e 2f 2g 2h 2i 2j 2k 2l all subdivided from the same number. But that does not take into account the fact that seen on the button panel of the electronic FREE INFORMATION board in both Arrival and Free For All, there are actually 3 No.6 buttons together with the subdivided number 6h. This might be peculiar in itself, but what is even more of a puzzlement is the fact that on that button panel of the Information board, there is no No.7. In fact there is no number at all containing the digit 7. 6 replaces the No.7, while 2c stands in for 17 as 6h replaces No.67 and 6 again for the No.65. In fact 70 through to 79 have been completely removed and replaced with 5c 3f 2d 2b 4d 6 3e 5 9d 8r.
    The reason for there being no No.7 in the village is because it is a lucky number, as 13 is an unlucky number, and No.6 being a primary number of course.
    Certainly whoever came up with the design of the electronic FREE INFORMATION board went to a great deal of trouble and effort for so much detail which first seen is but a brief appearance on the TV screen so you wouldn't notice. Then there's the question of whether or not being able to view so closely the Prisoner on DVD actually spoils the enjoyment of watching? Well for myself, having spent much of the past three and a half years researching the Prisoner, DVD's of the series have proved to be invaluable in such a task. Although solving the reason why in this case, cannot be brought to a satisfactory conclusion by DVD alone. So the mystery of why must continue, because in all previous interviews on the production of the Prisoner, I have never read or heard anyone speak of the village FREE INFORMATION board, although its use in the village does speak for itself.
Chambers Late of The Foreign Office

  It was a very important day for the Prisoner, he was getting ready to meet Chambers, who was about to become late of the Foreign Office. So presumably Chambers was about to resign, possibly even to defect, and the Prisoner was going to meet with Chambers hoping to change his mind before the "big boys" found out. The Prisoner waited and waited, but Chambers never turned up.
   A nice guy Chambers, and so talkative! So presumably Chambers was abducted to The Village before the Prisoner got a chance to talk to him! It's a wonder No.6 never met up with Chambers in The Village, after all he met up with so many of his old colleagues - Cobb, the Colonel, Fotheringay, and of course Roland Walter Dutton.

Be Seeing You

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