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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Postcard From The Village

  So, this is the Village is it. Well it's picturesque enough, but there doesn't appear to be anyone about. Perhaps they're on the annual democratic outing! "Hello, anyone about?"
    I did ask a waitress at a cafe if I could use her telephone, but she said she hadn't got one, but told me that there's a phone box round the corner. I wanted to make a telephone call, but the woman at the Telephone exchange asked me for my number. I told her I hadn't got a number, she said "No number, no call!"
   The shop keeper wasn't of much help either. I asked him for a map, in black and white or colour, I wasn't to bothered, all I wanted was a map. He showed me two, one in colour, one in black and white, and they both showed exactly the same thing. I asked the shopkeeper for a map with a larger area, but he told me there was no call for them. What's the matter with people here?

Be seeing you

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