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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Prisoner In Black And White
    Well we didn't have a colour television, so when I first watched ‘the Prisoner’ is was in good old black and white. I was 12 years of age at the time, and as far as I can remember I was the only boy in my class at school who actually liked the Prisoner.
   Then in later years when I watched again, the Prisoner being abducted and imprisoned in the village, it was in colour, and that opened up a whole new world, or should that be Village, as colour added so much more to the series. There was so much more to observe and take in, seeing the Prisoner in colour was like watching the series for the very first time again.

The New No.2
   "If you win" No.2 informs the candidate "Number One may no longer be a mystery to you, if you see what I mean."  No, at the time I didn't know what No.2 meant. But there might be a hidden clue in what No.2 says later, No.6 having beaten him in the elections "No point in going into details, you're the boss. If you want to know anything just press a button." but surely No.1's the boss, ah but I'm not going down that road again. If only No.6 had picked up the telephone and asked to speak to No.1...........
Is That An Order Number Six?
   At the hospital during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ and after the interrogation session with No.8, No.6 told No.2 to "Let her go." No.2's reply was "Is that an order Number Six?" So perhaps even at this time No.2 knows who No.1 is, and recognises him and No.6 as being one and the same.

The Diminutive Butler
   What business does he have in the Committee Chamber of the Town Hall? You would think that our friend the Butler would have duties enough caring for the needs of No.2. But no, he's often seen out and about in the village, one time he even finds time to follow a game of human chess, what's more as he makes his way to the top of the bandstand he even has a Top-Hat administrative official to carry his umbrella for him as they walk together down the street!
   Our diminutive friend officiates not only at the awards presentation of the Arts & Crafts Exhibition, but also at the ceremony of Appreciation Day. He’s the first in the Embryo Room, and he knows that there’s a lorry in the cavern in ‘Fall Out. The Butler knows more than he lets on, and is not simply on the periphery of village activity. And several years back, the Butler was considered by many to be No.1.

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