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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Therapy Zone

Dance Of The Dead....Many Happy Returns.
    I mean two failures in a row for No.6 like that, having his hopes dashed and knowing that he can never win. You would think that would be enough for any Prisoner, "the straw that broke the Camels back," but not No.6. He seems to me to be  a real glutton for punishment!

The Prisoner...... Still Relative Today
    "Tomorrow" says No.2 "I hand over to my successor. I retire."
   "Perhaps they're trying to save a pension!" No.6 tells him

   This of course is from part of an interview between No.6 and No.2 in Its Your Funeral, where an assassination is being plotted, for assassination, substitute execution! And in recent times workers "company pensions" have long since been called into question, by companies who have "saved" themselves many a pension!
  So you see, there is nothing that the Prisoner has not predicted!

The Colonel
    I don't know how No.6 restrained himself - I'd have punched the Colonel on the nose! But at least No.6 knows where he stands now. There's no longer anyone he can trust, and he now stands alone!

A Curious Thing To Say
    When No.12, or is it 6 joins No.2 for breakfast in the Green Dome in The Schizoid Man No.2 greets his visitor "My dear chap delighted to see you. You’re looking fine, you really are...... I don't mind telling you, we had to pull every string in order to seconded back to us."
   "Back to us?" Now what could No.2 possibly mean by that?   You must remember that for all tense and purposes No.6 is supposed to be Curtis, and No.2 is supposed to be speaking to Curtis, so has Curtis been to the village before the episode of The Schizoid Man?

   Whenever a picture of No.6 appears in any issue of The Tally Ho, or indeed upon the placards carried by his supporters during the election period of Free For All, No.6 is depicted in "civilian" clothes, ie "as himself" and not in village attire of blue turtle neck jersey and piped blazer.
   Surely it would have made more sense to have No.6 pictured wearing his Village suit of clothes in such pictures. Well it does to me, I don't know why it didn't to those concerned at the time.

The Late Patrick McGoohan
    Someone who was unaware of the Prisoner at the time once met Patrick McGoohan wrote of him, "I found him to be genuinely bemused by all the facades. Extremely polite, and removed from all that surrounded him. Methinks he is equally bemused by the imaginations created. Can't help but compare with Shakespeare, still chuckling in his tomb over all interpreted into his writing."
    Well true to say that Patrick McGoohan was bemused by the things fans saw in the Prisoner series, things which were never meant to be there in the first place, and the many interpretations placed within the series, much of which I have done myself. But then Patrick only had himself to blame, in the way he made the series, and by the use of that word "Allegorical," a word which fans took to be quite literal. Sorry Patrick, but you have but yourself to blame for how things worked out with the Prisoner, and laid yourself wide open for all you got as far as the "cult" of the Prisoner is concerned.

Be seeing you Pat, one of these days....... but not too soon eh!

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