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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Therapy Zone

   A thought for the other day concerned itself with No.1 being the alter ego of No.6, and therefore it was no wonder that they knew just how No.6 would react in any given situation. Well would that not work in reverse, that No.6 knew how No.1 would react if they ever met, that it was his alter ego that was behind the village?
   "Who is Number One indeed!" Number 6 must have known all along!

A question Of Time
    In the majority of cases, when a certain No.2 has been given the unenviable task of gaining the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation, or to try and break No.6, the one thing each of these No.2's have is time. Time to get the job done properly, even if they do make a hash of it! So what's so different about No.2 of  ‘A B & C,’ he hasn't even got a week! Even No.2 had a week for their deliberations during ‘Once Upon A Time’..... but three days!
   I could possibly understand the reason for No.1 pushing No.2 so hard, if the episode of The General had preceded ‘AB & C,’ because that was a complete and utter failure of No.2. Not only had he been completely out witted by No.6, but had lost the General in a puff of smoke and a series of short circuits, but both the Professor and No.12 had died. The one electrocuted to death by its creation, and the other electrocuted attempting to save the former. So really, with the General being such a disaster for No.2, it should be highly unlikely that he would have been given a second term of office in the village, let alone be let loose on No.6! unless No.1 saw ‘A B & C’ being a different situation to The General, giving No.2 a second chance.
   So with ‘A B & C’ preceding ‘The General’ in the screening order, No.2 must have done something preceding the commencement of the experiment we see being carried out on No.6 during the episode, something to which the viewer is not privy. Something which saw No.2 fall from grace, out of favour with No.1if you prefer. Something happened that forced No.1 to limit No.2's time for the experiment to just three days. What that was I cannot even find myself even to speculate upon, suffice to say that right from the outset, this No.2 was put under extreme pressure, the stress he was under did not aid the relief of his stomach ulcer, he had milk for that. But when under such stress, and so much pressure is being piled upon one man, it is no wonder that he is prone to make mistakes!
   As for it being a question of time, No.2 put the suggestion to No.6 in ‘A Change of Mind’ that it might have been “time,’ that No.6 needed time to think.

A Valuable Commodity
   The Prisoner had no idea of what a valuable commodity he had become after his resignation. So what to do with a man like this, with so much knowledge inside his head? Well you can't just let him roam free, one side or the other would pick him up eventually. So why not have him abducted and put in a place of security, if not for his own good, then for the governments.
   And really, taking all things into consideration, Number 6 didn't have it so bad in the village, not when you take into consideration what other prisoners were going through. But then I suppose Number 6 wasn't quite like any other prisoner, he's far too important, and has a future with them, which was lucky for Number 6.
   So was Number 6 really so hard done by? After all he had resigned from a highly confidential, top secret job, and agents like ZM73, even high level Civil Servants are not allowed to simply walk out, even if they do call it resigning! So what really did the Prisoner expect, that they'd not even bat an eyelid, and let him roam free with all that knowledge inside his head? No I don't think for one minute the Prisoner thought that, because he was in too much of a hurry to get away. They came for him alright, and he was expecting them. But they came too soon, the Prisoner simply wasn't quick enough!

Blimey, Is that gas I can smell? Someone open the window!

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