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Monday, 25 February 2013

Thought Exchange

    The Prisoner purchased his car as a kit-car. How long might it have taken the Prisoner to build his Lotus 7? An old friend of mine told me that he built his over a weekend! that doesn't include the spray job.
    In 'Dance of the Dead' No.6 was put on trial for the possession of a radio. He took that radio from the dead body he found on the beach. If that dead man was No.34 who we hear from the Supervisor as having died, might not that body found on the beach by No.6 be No.34? That would mean the obvious question, where did No.34 get that radio?
    'Dance of the Dead' is perhaps the darkest of the 17 episodes of 'the Prisoner,' however I'm not always sure what was achieved with the episode. After all No.6 might have been sentenced to death, but its certain that that sentence to be carried out by the people in the name of justice, would never have been carried out. Justice indeed, it was more like mob rule. The people acting like a lynch mob!
    The white membranic mass of the Village Guardian, keep the citizens in line. It stops anyone from attempting to escape, it keeps them at bay. And yet, isn't it also that a Guardian protects, protects the people against themselves, as well as the Village as a whole.
    When No.6 attempts to escape the Village by helicopter in 'Arrival,' the viewer can see how agitated the Guardian becomes. It would seem that there is only one thing which pacifies the Guardian, and that is submission!
     The Prisoner said that it was a matter of conscience, that he resigned for peace of mind. Seeing as how No.1 and No.6 are supposed to be the alter ego of the other, and if we carry this through the whole series,then perhaps No.6 didn't like what was being done in the Village, and decided in 'Fall Out' that he didn't want any more of it. And so having returned to London, he went off to hand in his resignation just as soon as he could.
    During 'Fall Out,' the Village was evacuated. But where did everyone go? It was remarkable that such an evacuation was carried out in so short a time. Did the evacuation include all the patients in the hospital, and the folk in the Old People's Home? And so many helicopters brought in to almost instant use during that evacuation! Just how many French Alouette helicopters did the Village have?
    It is quite obvious that the Prisoner is trapped in a vicious circle. The question is how to break that vicious circle? I suppose that would all depend on how much the Prisoner remembered from the first time. He might for example remember not to trust either Nadia or the Colonel. He might choose not to resign a second time, or at the very least take both his suitcases, passport and airline ticket with him when he goes to hand in his resignation. That way he need not go home, and can drive straight to the airport from that underground car park!

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  1. Hi David,

    to break the vicious circle, maybe its not the Prisoners No6-side that has to change, but our No1-side.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Jana,

      Yes, that could be. An interesting notion, and a different way to look at it.

      Kind regards
      Be seeing you