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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Thought For The Day

    I remember how once at a Prisoner Convention at Portmeirion, I went into the shop called "Pot Jam," I went in to purchase something I forget what. The woman behind the counter asked me if I understood everything about 'the Prisoner?' I looked at her and said by "no, no I don't." She said how refreshing it was to hear that, as many fans of 'the Prisoner' she had spoken to said they all understood everything about 'the Prisoner.' Yes, I can understand that, after all it's not the done thing to appear not to be one of the crowd, to be seen to admit that unlike the majority who claim to know everything about 'the Prisoner' you don't know what the series is all about! There are certain aspects of 'the Prisoner' that remain a mystery to me, and others that cannot be understood or explained, and therefore will forever remain a complete and utter mystery!

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