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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pat And Frank

   Pat "You're not a very good shot are you?"
   Frank "I think I'm doing rather well when  you consider the situation!"
    "What situation?
    "Well I'm actually right-handed!"
   "Well I'm playing the character Number Six who has been conditioned to be left-handed!"
    "That's right. What point are you trying to make?"
    "Well Number Six is right-handed, when I am supposed to be left-handed, yet shoot right-handed!"
   "Is there really any point to all this?"
   "Well seeing as I'm really right-handed, I have to fake it!"
   "I have to fake being right-handed, so I have to hit the target in the wrong place, not being used to shooting right-handed."
    "You're acting!"
    "Well I'm shooting the way I would if I were left-handed!"
    "I see. Shall we try fencing. How is your fencing?"
    "What right-handed?"
    "Just the same as if I were fencing left-handed!"
    "Well just be careful that's all."
    "Did I ever tell you the time when I was stunt double for Burt Lancaster in the film The Crimson Pirate?"
   "You swashed your buckle!"
   "Well it wasn't my fault, it was a very dangerous stunt sliding down the ships sail like that!"

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