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Friday, 15 March 2013

The Therapy Zone

Once Upon A Time And The Unfair Treatment Of Number 6
   No.6 "I Appeal my Lord!"
   No.2-Judge "Appeal, You're getting the same treatment!"
   No.6 "I appeal against unfair treatment!"
   No.2-Judge "You're getting the same treatment as everybody else!"
   No.6 "I, I know. That's why I'm going to appeal against unfair treatment!"

    No.6, being unfairly treated, when he's getting the same treatment as everybody else. It seems to me that No.6 sets himself up very highly, even to the point of putting himself above everyone else. What's more No.6 was rebelling against the figures, he shouted enough to that very effect. Well perhaps that's the part of Patrick McGoohan's life where got fed up working in a Bank, as he once did.

The Girl Who Was Death
    No.6 may have told the children, and No.2 for that matter, "A blessed fairytale." But what we the viewer are privy to is a 'flashback' to the Prisoner's former life, either fictional or to McGoohan’s acting career, and the dealings he had with his contact man Potter who is known to John Drake, and last seen in the ‘Danger Man’ episode of Koroshi.

Downright Weird
   When in ‘The General’ No.6 gains access to the Professors house, and is caught prowling about by Madam Professor, as he uncovers a number of busts, or "Rough exercises" as Madam Professor describes them. Downright weird? Well yes, because there's a bust of No.2-Leo McKern in the background, a bust which was previously seen at the Exhibition of Arts & Crafts during The Chimes of Big Ben! So I those busts are by Madam Professor, did she herself enter the Exhibition of arts & Crafts, having produced a bust of No.2-Leo Mckern? And if so, the she and her husband the Professor, have been in The Village a lot longer than The General might have us think!

    I was reading through some old issues of Number Six magazine, and spotted a letter referring to a mistake made in Living In Harmony and is the following.
    "It starts when the stranger {Patrick McGoohan} is in jail. The Kid pulls one of his guns on him, but the stranger simply sits on his bunk rolling a cigar and ignores him. The Kid draws his gun again, and the stranger continues enjoying his cigar. But when the Kid draws his gun for the third time, we see the stranger lighting up the cigar......this must be a mistake?"
    Well what else would you do with a cigar, but light it! The only mistake made, and it has nothing to do with the scene, is actually made by the author of the above piece. Patrick McGoohan isn't rolling a cigar, but rolling himself a cigarette. The cigarette paper is brown because it's "liquorice" paper!

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