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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Lotus Position
    At the outset of the Prisoner Patrick McGoohan went to Lotus Cars and was offered a Lotus Elan for the series. But McGoohan rejected the car, saying he wanted a car for the "individual." There was a car under a tarpaulin, McGoohan had the tarpaulin removed, to reveal a black painted Lotus Seven KAR 120C. It was this car McGoohan chose for the Prisoner, and ordered the car to be resprayed in the colours we are so familar with in the series.
   But just a minute....what about this Lotus Elan which McGoohan later drives in the episode The Girl Who Was Death? I mean to say Mister X is the Prisoner telling his own story. So why should the Lotus Elan be right for him in this episode when it wasn't the right car before the series began? Perhaps there isn't enough of the individual in the character of Mister X, or maybe the Lotus Seven isn't fit for purpose for a secret agent, only that of the individual!

We Shall Need The Body As Evidence!
   Evidence, for what, to prove the man’s dead? Oh we know what happened during ‘Fall Out,’ No.2's body was resuscitated and he became like a "New man." But ‘Once Upon A Time’ was produced long before the idea of ‘Fall Out’ came along. So originally at the end of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ when the episode was to have stood alone, amid the other 15 episodes, No.2 would have actually died and what then for No.6? Was he simply to have been returned to The Village and the cell being his cottage? Most probably, yes.

The Supervisor
    I was disappointed to see the Supervisor-No.28 get removed from his position during ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ after all it wasn't his fault he didn't know it wasn't No.6's birthday when he read out that birthday greeting for No.6 from No.113 over the public address system!
    However, the error must have been registered, as by the time of ‘It's Your Funeral’ No.28 had been reinstated to his rightful position as Supervisor. Mind you there was a tricky moment when I thought the Supervisor was in trouble again, that time when he showed too much initiative by having the door to No.6's cottage left unlocked, so as to allow No.50, the Watchmaker daughter have access when she goes to see No.6. No.28 got on the wrong side of the heir presumptive No.2 that time, and I thought he'd have to be replaced again. But No.28 got away with it....just!

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