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Friday, 29 March 2013

The Therapy Zone

A Change Of Mind
    Subtlety seems to have been thrown out with the bath water in this episode, because this particular No.2 is happy to allow "mob rule" in the village. To borrow No.6's own words "Good old fashioned brute force can be very effective" as the citizens having finally had enough of his unmutuality, turn upon him with force and violence!
   Lashing out with their umbrellas, No.56 seems to take real pleasure from this, as No.6 is picked up, manhandled and dragged all the way to the hospital.
   Throughout No.6's ordeal in the village, he's roughed up more often than not. And pictured here, No.6 has had to eat his own words as he takes a pounding. But don't forget, we mustn't damage the tissue...... oh they forgot!

Many Happy Returns
    You know that moment during Many Happy Returns when the door to No.6's cottage opens, and Mrs Butterworth-No.2 walks in carrying a birthday cake with 6 lighted candles on it for No.6.
   Then why not accompany that scene with the tune "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....." After all that piece of incidental music had been adapted for that scene, I heard it played on the third cd of that Prisoner disc set. So why wasn't it used I wonder? That piece of music would have suited the scene very well I think.

Mirror Mirror   

   If things were not bad enough, they have now taken away the new identity of No.6, that which they once gave him. It really makes one doubt just exactly who one is, doesn't it?
    So No.6, what do you see in the depths of the mirror?
   Be careful No.6, and take heed because you may not like what you see.
    It's quite chilling isn't it, the two faces of No.6 are revealed!
    It's rather like the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, wouldn't you say? Until finally the face of his other self is finally revealed, his Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll.
    And what's more, he looks tired and drained, as though he's been put through the mill more than once!

Dance Of The Dead
    After No.6's first meeting with his observer No.240, she hurries away towards the Town Hall in order to take up her duties in the control room.
    No.6 takes it into his head to follow No.240, that's a good one, the observed following his observer!
   But suddenly that white membranic village guardian has other ideas and impedes No.6's progress enough to give No.240 a head start. Then goes off for a second, allowing No.6 to mount the steps and follow in his observers footsteps. But then reappears again impeding No.6's progress along the cobbled path.
   No.240 approaches the pair of wrought Iron gates, the other side of those and the street lies the Town Hall. She looks back for a second, as she realises that she is being followed by No.6!
    But to save her there is again the village guardian, as it continues to impede No.6, and give No.240 time to cross the street and enter the Town Hall.
   There is no force used by this membranic being against No.6, nor does it emit its blood curdling roar, or attempt to suffocate No.6 into unconsciousness. It simply glides in and out of No.6's path at given moments, with gentle persuasion and a touch of agitation, slows No.6's progress enough to give No.240 time to enter the Town Hall.

Be seeing you.... Rover permitting.

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