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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Two Faces Of Number 2  

   This is the smiling, happy face of No.2, as she masquerades as the maid No.58. In fact judging by her attitude during the election period of Free for All, No.2 really does appear as though she is enjoying herself. However by the end of the episode we see the other side to No.2's character, her darker side.
   No.2 informs No.6, who has just taken a beating from the two mechanics, that this is but the beginning, That they have many ways and means, but they don't wish to damage him permanently.
   Well if this is the other face of No.2, I shouldn't care to be in No.6's deck shoes! Whatever this No.2's intentions are towards No.6 are during her term of office, can only be speculated upon. But one thing is for sure, judging by the severe looking No.2, any intentions towards No.6 cannot be good for him! And she will have some kind of harm done to him I'll be bound.
   In this particular case, the two faces of No.2, are rather like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or No.1 and No.6. You see, just like No.6 and No.2, we all have dark side which must surely emerge to the surface at one time or another. A dark side which none of us could live without, for the darker side gives us strength, it makes the type of decisions our other lighter side would rather not have to make. The one side good, the other evil if you like, but together they make us who we are, and are unable to do without the one or the other.

Number 6 Is Dead......... Rover Got Him!
    And what if by some curious quirk of fate, that that statement is correct, that Rover did in fact attack the wrong No.6. Where would that leave Curtis? Perhaps Curtis then, after the death of the real No.6, quickly decided to maintain the persona of No.6, and try to escape the village. And thereby escaping the possible wrath of No.1 for his part in the death of No.6.
   Of course Curtis would have to fool No.2 into thinking he was No.6, to act and behave accordingly and thereby escaping the village, otherwise No.2 might smell a rat! There was one flaw in Curtis' escape plan, in that he played the role of No.6 too well. He had to feign his somewhat nervous and strung up state, and pretend that he has had no time to think about No.2's proposition which he put to Curtis when he arrived in the village. Not to mention that duff line about reporting to the General, well not to report to him personally....... "For Pete's sake you know what I mean."
   Curtis' impersonation as No.6 was perfect, so perfect that it put a nagging doubt in No.2's head, who went off to talk to the pilot of the helicopter, before testing No.6 "You won't forget to give my regards to Susan will you?" "I won't" says No.6 slipping on his blindfold.
   And that was the flaw you see, Curtis played his part too well, and responded as No.6 would have done. After all, how could No.6 have known that..... "Susan died a year ago!"
   So where would that leave Curtis and No.2? It is not impossible to carry on this interpretation to it's ultimate climax. So to save both their skins, No.2 arranged for Curtis to maintain his deception by continuing to live in the village..... in the guise and persona of No.6!

Number 2
   With her Elfin like looks, and almost Impish like behaviour, you might be mislead into thinking that she would do harm to No.6. But on the contrary, this fairylike creature is in fact No.6 guardian angel. For when she sees the doctor carrying out a medical experiment on No.6, No.2 orders the doctor to stop, to get that man Dutton back to the hospital. The doctor-No.40 reads the situation as No.6 was about to talk, although as No.2 puts it "he'd have died first. You can't force it out of this man, he's not like the others." No.2 doesn't want No.6 broken, he must be won over. No.2 tells the doctor that No.6 has a future with them, and that there are other ways!
   So this No.2, has a devious mind and a cunning plan. She also doesn't find any difficulty as Peter Pan, the little boy who never grows up. Nor had the actress, the late Mary Morris, any problems saying such lines as "Then how very uncomfortable for you old chap." In fact Mary Morris played her role as No.2 in a very masculine way. And then at the end of the episode as she laughs, her Elfin looks really stand out, to the effect that all that is missing are a pair of pointed ears to complete the picture!

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