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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Village Life

    "What I woudn't give for a safety pin right now!"
    "And you needn't look at me like that!"
    "Do you have a safety pin?"



  1. How the f*** did the balloon get into the globe chair in the first place? Perhaps in a state of not fully blown (mind the pun!) - up. Of course it is a reminder to every No. 2 what eventually could happen if he/she should be unsuccessful in dealing with No. 6. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,

      Nice comment. Perhaps the Village Guardian deflated itself, then hopped into the chair before reinflating itself! I presume Rover can do that.
      I've just had a mental flash.....of someone from properties placing a partially blown up weather balloon in the chair while someone else holds it in position, the balloon attached to a pump. Once the weather balloon is in the chair it can be inflated to the required size. Mind you go too far and....BANG! The chair is covered in chalk, and possibly the inflater!

      Perhaps Rover, by sitting in the chair is demonstrating delusions of grandeur! "It" think's "it's" the boss!

      Kind regards

    2. Hello,

      My wife had just read the reply I've just written, and she has this to say. She thought that prior to 'Once Upon A Time' Rover was a being of fear, to be feared. But sitting in the chair the way it does, somehow reduces that fear factor. I suppose in a way it's living up to it's name of "Rover" like a dog sitting in a chair!

      She who must be obeyed!

  2. That's absolutely true! There's a certain comic aspect about this scene that looks a bit odd compared to Rover's former menacing characterictics. - BCNU!