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Friday, 21 June 2013

Does the Prisoner Stem From Second Childishness? asks our own reporter

    With ‘the Prisoner’ Our Minds Are Turned To Childish Things

    It has been, in the past, and possibly the present, that fans come to discover the Prisoner at a very early age, as early as 7 years of age in some particular cases it has to be said. But why?
    Well there is more of the child within ‘the Prisoner’ series. At the beginning of the episode Once Upon a Time No.6 is regressed back to his childhood in order to try and rebuild his life so that No.2 may finally discover why No.6 resigned. Because even as a child there is something in his mind that is a puzzlement! And it has often been puzzlement to me why No.2, whilst in the guise of a school master, asks the pupil who has only just graduated, why he resigned? I mean the boy No.6 has hardly done anything as yet, so how does he know why he resigned, and from what, when he hasn't even done it yet! No.2 certainly jumped the gun in this case, perhaps a little too eager to get the job done before he had to finally risk himself!
    And there's more evidence for childish matters, the nursery where No.6 told two boys and a girl his "fairy tale" during ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ this after there had been no pervious evidence of children in the village. It is extremely unlikely that these three children were brought to the village simply to hear No.6 tell them a blessed fairy tale, besides which the children made No.6 promise that he would come again tomorrow, suggesting that the children were actually born in the village, otherwise they would not be able to leave!
    And that wooden device toed with by the Labour Exchange Manager in ‘Arrival’ which the prisoner smashed to the floor and later by No.2 during ‘Once Upon A Time’ might suggest a psychological toy, but it is in fact a Childs "wooden" construction set.

Your own reporter

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