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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

Patrick McGoohan - Discussing "Fall Out"

    "I wanted to have controversy, arguments, fights, discussions, people in anger, waving fists in my face.
                                           Patrick McGoohan

    Well he managed that alright! But if McGoohan had been successful in achieving his goal, as he clearly was, why use the excuse of having to run away because people were angry with him because of the Prisoner? McGoohan had got what he wanted by making those people angry, he should have been pleased with the result and stayed to enjoy it!

   During 'The Chimes of Big Be No.2 suggested that No.6 was doing as the caveman did, even though these tools of stone axe and chisel were outside the pale of the law. But surely number 6 would have been better off using flint axe and chisel? After all just because he was known as stone age man, didn't mean he used stone implements, certainly not for chopping, cutting and scraping, he used napped flints!

    It was an ironic touch by the Colonel of ‘Many Happy Returns’ when their ex-colleague asked about the police road block. "Nothing to do with you my dear fellow, an escaped convict.” And before that little scene, there was No.6 asleep in the back of that truck, when suddenly there was the sound of cars and a police siren. Suddenly being awakened from his sleep No.6 is quick to react. He leaps down from his resting place and out of the back of the moving truck, out into the road of moving traffic. Had a bus, taxi or some other vehicle have been travelling close behind No.6 could have been killed. Injured certainly, and that would have meant hospitalization then what of the chances of returning No.6 to the village, an abduction from the hospital perhaps?

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