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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

We’re All Prisoners
    We are all Prisoners of something or other. Whether it be failure, success, school, marriage, work, debt……... Take Patrick McGoohan for example. There he was a free man until he resigned from ‘Danger Man’ and then went and created the Prisoner. He's not been a "free man" since, despite all his protestations at the beginning of most episodes. Which means he's only got himself to blame!

It’s Inexplicable
  How at the end of the episode of Its Your Funeral, when the new No.2 is left alone on the balcony of the Gloriette, how he takes off his spectacles for the last time, and stares up to the sky in wonderment.
   I bet he can't believe the sight that met his eyes, as the helicopter appears to hover for a moment, before the pilot turns the helicopter back towards the village. By command of No.1, the Supervisor in the control room? Or on authority of the ex-No.2 himself?
   After all, it would only be a question of time before the village authorities caught up with him, and then not before too long, a couple of undertakers with their hearse parked outside, would come calling at his door!
    So perhaps, sitting in that helicopter the ex-No.2 got to thinking. Thinking that perhaps life would be less dangerous, if spent it in quiet seclusion in the safe confines of the Old People's Home!
  At least he wouldn't have to keep looking over his shoulder all the time. On the move all the time, forever wondering if that hearse is following him, or not!

The Black Cat
   Belonged to No.2 of ‘Dance of the Dead, that much she did confide in No.6, seeing as how we do not see the cat again after ‘Dance of the Dead,’ I think we can safely assume that when No.2 departed the village, she actually took the cat with her.
    Yet we have met this cat before in the previous episode of ‘Many Happy Returns.’ So perhaps we can also assume that No.2 of ‘Dance of the Dead’ was in office at the beginning of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ because of the presence of the village cat. Yet if this is the case, how are we to take into account Mrs. Butterworth as No.2, and thereby the same can be said of the cat?

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