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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

    Gary Fenn - Roger Moore - works for an advertising company, and promises one of his company's clients he will find Maria Kogash as a model for an advertising campaign.
   However Maria is being chased by villains who are planning an assassination, who think Maria has overheard them talking about their plans. Gary gets caught up in the chase as he tries to rescue the heroine. Tarquin - Alexis Kanner -, a friend of Maria's is the leader of quite a few demonstrations against dictatorship and for peace. Tarquin turns out to be Lord Everley, and uses Maria to find the villains, who also gets into a fight with Gary before he finds they are both on the same side.
  The film ends with the assassination plot being foiled, and Roger Moore gets the girl! There’s an Alouette helicopter used in a chase scene, and Alexis Kanner drives a MiniMoke, and is curiously dressed in one scene similar to that of Mr. X as in the Prisoner episode ‘The Girl Who was Death.’

Link for trailer for Crossplot

An Observation
   During the interview with the Labour Exchange Manager in ‘Free For All’ we learn that No.6 actually gave up sugar four years and three months ago on medical advice. Yet by the time of Its Your Funeral No.6 is putting sugar in his coffee. So what’s changed? Perhaps No.6 has the taste for sugar again after adding three lumps of sugar to his tea during the interview with No.2 during The Chimes of Big Ben. Or it is just possible that this was an oversight on the part of McGoohan during filming of the scene with Monique on the lawn of the Old People's Home.

A Reactionary - Rebel and Disharmonious With it!
    No.6 is all these things, a reactionary, defined as being opposed to social change. Well being abducted and brought to the village would do it for anyone under such circumstances. Social change from his world to that of the Village.
    A rebel? Not in ordinary life he wasn't, part of the establishment was our No.6. But in the village, his rebellious nature was brought to the surface. Disharmonious, No.6 showed descent, refused to settle into the community, and caused disruption wherever and whenever he could. He tried to escape the village only half a dozen times. I'd have thought No.6 would have tried to escape more than that. He seemed to at the time.
   No.6 tried to bring the Village down within during that episode of the general, having first poked his nose in where it was not wanted. He also made the discovery that there were those "cogs" within the machine, such as No.12, who were also like No.6 - opposed to the village. And in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ No.6 became the hammer, and brought No.2 to his knees. But then it was ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ and No.6 was brought into the plot, and once involved there was no turning back. But at least for the first time we see that No.6 has compassion, that he cares about the members of the community. He doesn't want mass reprisals, for the assassination of No.2, to be carried out on innocent citizens. Mind you, had the assassination/execution plot been successful, and those mass reprisals carried out on the citizens of the village - well there would have then been fewer disharmonious Unmutals about!

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