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Monday, 24 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

    ‘The Chimes of Big Ben saw both No.6 and Nadia sealed up together in a crate for twelve hours. If that had been me landing in the Colonel's office after such a long journey, I wouldn't want to go straight into an interview with the Colonel, it would be the toilet for me! {Ah, but then hero's don't sweat, nor do they feel the need to go to the toilet!} Hang on a minute, the Prisoner perspires all the time, you can se it on the re-masterd vidoes and DVD's during the close-up shots, and the Prisoner is supposed to be a hero! {Hero or anti-hero?} Now you're just being difficult! {No I'm not. John Drake was your boyhood hero, so why not the Prisoner?} It depends upon whose side your on. {I'm on our side!} Didn't the Prisoner admit to that when he paid a call on the new No.2 during the episode of Arrival? He's on leave.{On leave, no one goes on leave from the Village!} Number 2, the retiring Number 2 that is, went on leave halfway through his term of office. He left his heir presumptive in charge, not to mention the other interim No.2's.
    And regarding the retiring No.2 of Its Your Funeral. When No.6 came to pay a call on number 2 that morning, he stormed into the office and said "I want to see Number 2." The man sitting behind his oval desk informs the visitor "I am Number 2." On his previous visit to see Number 2 only the day before, it was an interim No.2 who No.6 met, the retiring No.2's heir presumptive. But that does not take into account that No.6 did not seem to recognise the retiring No.2 sat behind his desk in his office, otherwise No.6 would not have asked to see No.2!

    Those Juke Boxes along that passageway, one of which used to be found in my local cafe back in the seventies. Were they all really playing that Beatles song "All You Need Is Love?" If they were, they’d have had to have been started at the exact same moment! And while we are on the subject of that underground passage way. The Butler, he seems to know more about what's going on than he lets on. I mean how come he's got the key to the welcome door? I've just watched the footage of the three of them walking along that underground passage way, and I didn't see the supervisor hand that key to him. So the butler must have had the key in his pocket it all the time. Which only confirms to me that the Butler knows much more about the village and what goes on than he admits to. Not that the butler admits to anything!

    The exploding lighthouse as seen in ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ is actually stock-footage from Thunderbirds.

   Some would have it that the Prisoner is some kind of hero. Others see him as a rebel in the way he rejects the village. Yet there can be no doubt that the Prisoner is a man of violence, violence which he takes to extremes causing bloody and murderous revolution and insurrection of ‘Fall Out!’

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