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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

"It's Good Agricultural Stuff"
    No.6 is heard to say during the fencing scene of The Schizoid Man and went on to say "But would hardly have got you my place on the Olympic team."
    Well this is all fine and dandy, but don't forget it's not No.6 who is saying this, but Curtis-No.12, the man who is impersonating No.6. So when he says "But it would hardly have got you my place on the Olympic team," of 1960 presumably, I wonder who is saying it? The Man Curtis himself, or is Curtis saying on the part of the man he is impersonating - No.6 - which of them was on that Olympic team do you think?
   And that's a curious turn of phrase "It's good agricultural stuff," I wonder where that comes from? Looks like I've got some more digging to do!

   It's a cunning plan when you stop and think about it, this "Plan Division Q" lark. To get No.6 to give such an assassination plan credibility, then to film him whilst warning the interim No.2 about such an assassination plot against him. Then to edit that film in order to discredit him when it comes to No.2 having returned from his spell of leave. This so that the real plan will not be believed, it's quite brilliant really.
    But it's a lot of rigmarole isn't it? I mean why not just kill the man and have done with it? And at the end who has benefited? Only those innocent citizens, saved from the mass reprisals of the new No.2, but of course they'll never know. Nor will they know that it was No.6, along with No.50-Monique, who saved them from suffering those mass reprisals to have been carried out against them.
    There are two losers, the new No.2, what his ultimate fate might have been we have no way of knowing, only the fact that we never see him again. And No.100, who gave his assurance regarding "Plan Division Q." It was his lack of force which did not prevent No.6 from attaining the explosive detonator taken from the Watchmaker-No.51, which ultimately saw the failure of "Plan Division Q." But ultimately it would be the new No.2 who would have to pay the price. So it is possible that No.100 kept his position, although he is another who we do not see again in the village.

How Many Colonels Make The Prisoner?
    4 actually. There's Fotheringay and the Colonel in The Chimes of Big Ben. Thorpe and the Colonel of ‘Many Happy Returns.’ The cricketing Colonel in The Girl Who Was Death, plus Arthur and the Colonel mentioned by Dutton in the Dance of the Dead.

    On the evening of ‘Dance of the Dead,’ the French door leading out onto the balcony of No.6's cottage, 6 private, had been left unlocked. An oversight, or an open invitation?

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