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Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

Any Politics?
    Its no wonder the Prisoner went berserk, smashing No.20's - the Labour Exchange Managers wooden gizmo.
   Not so much perhaps having to fill in a questionnaire, which the Prisoner refuses to do on more than this occasion, or the questions put to him, his race, religion, hobbies. What he likes to read, what he likes to eat. what he was, what he wants to be.... Any family illnesses.... any politics? No , it was not these questions put to him - the Prisoner - but the fact that Potter, Potter of all people, an ex-colleague of John Drake's, and one time contact man in the field was there in the village, and was the second person to interrogate him, that made him so angry. The fact that he had already been betrayed by his own people, that they were responsible for his current situation. Potter himself is proof of this.

Who Is Number one?
   That apparently is the oldest question in Village history. It was No.2-14 who over saw the reformation. I always thought that the first woman Number Two was Rachel Herbert. But apparently it was Lady Number Two the Great! But as for the question of "Who is Number One....... "There is no Number One. There never has been and there never will be. The concept of the Number Two is an act of humility, the title reminds us all that we are all public servants, even Number Two. No-one is Number One."
  Well that's learnt that last night, if nothing else. But there was something about 1955, the school teacher. First of all 1955 hit home with me because it's the year of my birth. Secondly there was something about the man 1955, he put me in mind of John Kieron, a character John Drake played inthe 'Danger Man' episode 'Don't Nail Him Yet.' Yes, a school teacher by the name of John Kieron!
   Please don't come back and say that I'm comparing the two series, because I'm not. Simply making observations of the echo's I see in THEPRIS6NER.

Dance Of The Dead
   This is perhaps the most difficult episode to take literally. The Prisoner is sentenced to death for the possession of a radio set. That sentence is to be carried out by the people, who carry it out in the name of justice. But this is "mob justice," as they chase the Prisoner through the corridors of the Town Hall. You've ripped the guts out of a teleprinter, which inexplicably bursts into life again, continuing to type the message it was originally printing at the time the Prisoner caused it to stop. And the death sentence is not carried out. Well you never expected it to be, did you....or did you? How can things be normal in the Prisoner ever again after this? The answer is simple, it can't. Things can only get worse!

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