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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Page 6

    Well now at last they've really gone and done it! They're creating a new Village, with a new Number 2 and on a permanent basis! Not only that but they're going to be bringing a new Number 6 to the Village, well what about me?
    Oh I suppose at the age of 80 I'm too old and crusty, only fit for the Old People's Home. Why don't they just sit me in a wheelchair, put one of those tinted visors over my face and be done with it! Hell, I'm not even wanted to appear in a cameo role, I mean who do they think No.1 is for heavens sake?
    Still, thinking about it logically, I don't suppose that I was the first Number 6, and this new Number 6 won't be the last I'm sure. As for No.1, I launched him up in that rocket during ‘Fall Out,’ and there was no-way back for him.
   I suppose I'll just have to put up with it, and let the Village get on with this new Number 6. I wonder why he was brought to the village. Now where is that oversized red telephone, I must brief Number 2 before the Prisoner's arrival here.
"Number 2, Number 1 here. I'm telephoning you about this new arrival........."


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