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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pictorial Prisoner

   The Professor's latest lecture, the projectionist asks Number Two if it has been cleared by the board. To which Number Two responds "It will be, prepare to transmit."
   It would appear that to the question of the education experiment known as Speedlearn, Number Two is answerable to the Board, and not Number One or some other superior Number Two reports to on the telephone. The Board being made up by a number of Top Hat Administration officials. But even then it seems that Number Two is jumping the gun slightly, as this latest lecture has not yet been approved by the Board. But Number Two, with the help of Number Twelve of Administration, hopes to persuade the members of the Board to give their approval. 
   Number One {or other superior Number Two reports to} is obviously concerned with how the Speedlearn experiment is progressing, as Number Two did report to a superior on the matter in hand, accusing his superior of treating the most important human experiemnt ever to be conducted like a military exercise!

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