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Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Rocket!
    The destiny of Number 1 seems entwined with that of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, or possibly that should be the other way round - both fated to be sealed inside a rocket!
   As both Number 1 and Sir Clough Williams-Ellis {his ashes} were both loaded into a rocket and launched over the Italianate village of Portmeirion!

Who Is Arthur I Wonder?
   Well he’s Mrs Butterworth’s deceased husband. Then later Roland Walter Dutton makes mention of both Arthur and the Colonel whilst on the telephone to No.6 at the commencement of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ We can easily imagine the Colonel, as we have met with him during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ ‘Many Happy Returns,’ ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ and ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ the Colonel murdered by an exploding cricket ball one run short of his century! The Colonel being a rank, rather than a person.
   So what of Arthur, what are we to make of this non-descript, only mentioned once fellow? Well I imagine he's someone similar to that of Fotheringay, or Thorpe, carrying out his duties as an assistant to the Colonel.

You Still Can’t Do It Boy!
    I'm not sure if No.2 was wise in taking No.6 on in this fencing scene, I mean if something was to go wrong. You will recall how the safety cap came off the point of No.6's fencing foil. That No.2 instructed No.6 to "Kill!....Kill boy..... you can do it boy... go on kill!" But No.6 missed, and only wounded No.2 in his shoulder "You missed boy..... You still can't do it."
   But what, after being goaded so much by No.2, No.6 has actually done it... killed No.2 with his foil at that moment? It is quite possible that the end result would still have been the same. That the Supervisor-No.28 enters the embryo room and the body used as evidence just as it was, with No.6 lead away to meet No.1.
   Ah, but the steel door was "time-locked" so the Supervisor would not have been able to enter at that time. Which would leave No,6 and the diminutive Butler to while away the time as they may together until the end of the week, and the steel door opened.

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