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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Therapy Zone

On The Village McGoohan said
    "It was trying to destroy the individual by every means possible; trying to break his spirit so that he accepts that he is a number - No.6 - and will live there happily after. But he is the one rebel they can't break."
   Well that's as may be, but it wasn't long before this rebel can make a mistake. Indeed it was during the episode of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ that the Prisoner actually admitted to Nadia-No.8 as to who he was.
    "No names. I am No.6, you are No.8."
   So the evidence is clear, that the Prisoner accepted his number so early in the game. But then perhaps that was better than to actually give his name away. One wonders why he did not, after all Nadia Rakovsky, if that was in fact her real name, told No.6 who she was. Well, the Prisoner has, in the past, been used to using pseudonyms. He could have told her that his name was Peter Smith, possibly as false as Nadia's!

Just Why Did The Man With No Name Resign?
    We know why the Priosner-No.6 resigned, and the reason behind that resignation. But what made this man with no name hand in both his badge and gun? Fed up with putting his life on the line? Having had enough of putting his life on the line? Having killed one too many men? Worried about coming up against a Kid who is faster on the draw, perhaps not as the evidence against this is perfectly clear. So perhaps as a Sheriff he did take against killing, seeing as the Judge had to make him kill!

Orange Alert!
   How often is it that something from the Prisoner is actually adopted, or is seemingly adopted from the series in the outside world of ours? Well very rarely, if indeed at all. However there is one facet of the Prisoner which has been seemingly adopted, and that is the command ORANGE ALERT. It has been adopted in American in regard to the state of a terrorist attack. And here in the United Kingdom ORANGE ALERT refers to the status level of danger due to extreme weather conditions.

Answers A Prison For Oneself
   Meaning that what you say holds you prisoner because you have said what you said, and cannot take back what you have said!
   I suppose it's much like the blog I write here. I have become a prisoner of what I have written, except in this there is a way out - I can actually delete what I have written. But then people will have already have read what I have written, so I suppose delegating anything once read is much too late! My god, is there no escape?

    "Yes, just stop writing!"
    But I can't do that, there are fans of the Prisoner out there who enjoy my writing.
    "And do you enjoy what you are writing?"
   "Then I cannot see what the problem is?"
    But it's made a prisoner of me!
    "No, you've done that yourself my dear fellow. A prisoner of your own success I'd say."
    But what can I do?
    "Do what you do best, and enjoy doing it. After all there are much worse things to be a prisoner of?"
   See, my other self always knows best in the end.

Be seeing you

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