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Monday, 26 August 2013

The Therapy Zone

6 Private Is Anything But!
    The door might be electronically activated by No.6 as he approaches the door to leave or enter, but as home security it is left somewhat wanting! It seems that anyone can enter 6 Private at any time. From doctors and nurses, to medical orderly’s, security guards to come and take him away! Not to mention No.2, the white Queen-No.8 even came calling one evening to make No.6's night-cap instead of No.6's personal maid that one time. And that time when No.12 during the Mardi Gras of ‘The General,’ No.12 gained entry to carry out that piece of sabotage with the light bulb, a piece of wire across the contacts! Then are times when No.6 doesn't always answer the door, as pointed out by the Supervisor-No.28 during Its Your Funeral, but then he doesn't have to does he? People come in and go very much as they please! the only time there is full security lock down is at night, then even No.6 can't get out, well save for that time during the night of ‘Dance of the Dead,’ as the French door was left unlocked! And that's something else, there are no keys used in the village at any time, doors are locked electronically. The only keys we ever see in the Prisoner is the one No.6 won at the Roulette table, together with Engadine's key seen in ‘A B and C.’ Plus the key to the Prisoners house in ‘Fall Out.’
   So there's no privacy in theVvillage, and if you have nothing to hide there's nothing to worry about is there? Unless of course you have a radio set tucked away some place!

The Words Of Resignation
    A number of years ago it was wondered by certain fans of ‘the Prisoner’ whether or not it was possible to lip-read what the Prisoner says as he hands in his letter of resignation.
   By careful study, using repeated playback and slow motion on a video player, this is the result of one such experiment.
    "Right, you and me are through! I resign." And then the camera cuts to the letter of resignation. This is said very quickly and probably loudly.

   It seems that only the first few words are clear, as that is the result of this experiment. Not worth bothering with really, but then back in those days anything like this did prove to be of the finest interest.

A Worst Moment In The Prisoner
    When the helicopter takes off outside the Recreation Hall in the episode ‘The Schizoid Man,’ it's painted black and has no floats fitted. But once airborne we see a shot of the regular village helicopter, painted turquoise and fitted with floats. Yet when the helicopter lands again outside the Recreation Hall, returning No.6 to the village after his short flight, the helicopter has reverted back to being painted black and without fitted floats!

It’s Not All Allegorical And Enigmatic
  Sometimes It's Quite Straightforward really.
    As with the episode ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ A plot to assassinate/execute the retiring No.2 who has just returned to the village from a spell of leave. His execution, at the word from No.1, and organised by heir presumptive and interim No.2, with the co-operation of No.100 who has indoctrinated the little watchmaker-No.51 to carry out the actual assassination of No.2.
   No.6's involvement is brought about by using No.50-Monique as a dupe for her fathers sake to make No.6 become involved, and No.6 as a dupe because without his credibility the plan might not work. But "plan Division Q," the execution of No.2, is unsuccessful because of No.6's involvement with the plan. and so Its Your Funeral is probably the most straightforward of all the episodes. Quite allegorically free, apart from the bit where No.6's involvement is required. You would think that they would have known better than to actually voluntarily get No.6 involved. Haven't learnt much, have they?

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